Damage Review - Cloud-based estimating solution for insurance companies, auto body shops, and consumers.

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Welcome to DamageReview.com

where we make the process of getting an estimate on damaged cars easy!

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Are you an auto body shop?

How many times a month does your auto body shop gets requests for estimates over the phone?  Damage Review gives you the edge!  Rather than giving an estimate over the phone, have your prospects and customers use their computers, tablets, and smartphones to take a few photos and send all the needed information so you can write as accurate an estimate as possible in an easy-to-use and secure system.  That is what Damage Review does!

Qualified auto body shops can test drive DamageReview.com for FREE for 30 days, and make the process of writing an estimate and communicating with customers easy.  To qualify for DamageReview.com contact us form now.[/one_half]


Tell your favorite auto body shop about us!

DamageReview.com makes the process of getting an estimate from your favorite auto body shop easy and secure.  If your shop is not yet listed with DamageReview.com, let them know that you recommend contacting us.[/one_half]

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What is DamageReview.com?

DamageReview.com, created by Fancy Auto, Inc., the maker of the Car Butler app available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android has set out to revolutionize the way auto body shops is communicating with its prospects and customers.  DamageReview.com offers its unique technology, facilitating the process of getting information from car owners about their damaged cars and sending them estimates back with ease. Whether you are using Ultramate™, CCC Pathway™, or any other estimating program, DamageReview.com is a great value-added solution for your shop. As an auto body shop, your customers would send you the needed information for you to write an estimate, and you will able to easily communicate back with them with your estimate.

To find out more and for hands-on demo, contact us form now.[/one_fourth]


Why DamageReview.com?

Auto body shop owners and their staff get calls often from customers and prospects looking to get an estimate on their damaged cars.  The vehicle owner easily fills in the needed information in a secure encrypted Web site, including photos of the damage car, and within seconds you get the information in an organized way for you to write the estimate and communicate it to owner of the damaged car.

Make it easy for prospects and customers to send request for an estimate with DamageReview.com to increase leads and ultimately improve your chance to get new jobs. To find out more and for hands-on demo, contact us now.[/one_fourth]


How much does it cost?

DamageReview.com is offering its service to qualified auto body shops for FREE for 30 days, then a minimal flat monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee. There are no contracts. Cancel anytime. For more information to join DamageReview.com, contact us form now. [/one_fourth]


Contact Us

DamageReview.com makes the process of getting an estimate from people’s favorite auto body shop easy.  If you are an auto body shop that is not yet listed with DamageReview.com, contact us now for a quick and simple setup.[/one_fourth]

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