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Damage Review - Cloud-based estimating solution for insurance companies, auto body shops, and consumers.

DamageReview.com offers a powerful, yet easy-to-use, and inexpensive solution for auto body shops to receive estimate requests from prospects and customers.  This exceptional service was created by Fancy Auto a Web development, Web design, and mobile app development company for the automotive industry.  Fancy Auto is the same company behind the popular and well-recognized ‘Car Butler‘ app for iPhoneiPad, and Android.  Having an easy way for people to request an estimate on their damage car will translate to more leads and more sales.  DamageReview.com makes it easy, effective, and is an inexpensive service.  Take a look at what DamageReview.com offers and { sign up now or use our contact us form now to set up a demo }.

Powerful, yet easy-to-use service for prospects & customers to request an estimate on their damaged cars.

Auto body shops that give quality repair and top-notch service deserve customers that love them.  Why not extend that excellence with an easy way for prospects and customers to submit a request for estimate on their damaged cars?  Auto body shops can easily communicate the estimate and any other related information about the car damage with owners and leasers alike. { sign up now or use our contact us form now to set up a demo }


Simple steps from prospects & customers get giant results.

Your prospects and customers will use a simple process to submit all the needed information to get as accurate an estimate as possible from you, the auto body shop. All that is needed is some basic information on the damaged car, including year/make/model, VIN, damage description, and your job of writing the estimate is made easier than ever before.  Within minutes your prospect/customer can send a request and you can reply back with an estimate and continue the communication.  Improving efficiency and interaction provides comfort to the car owner while increasing leads and ultimately sales for auto body shops.  { sign up now or use our contact us form now to set up a demo }


With just a few clicks, prospects and customers send all the needed information for the auto body shop to write an estimate on damaged cars.

We know how busy you can get running an auto body shop.  When a prospect or customer calls in requesting an estimate on their cars, you may not be totally available for them to get all the needed information, and explaining all the needed information to them may become a lengthy discussion.  With DamageReview.com you refer them to your Web site and with just a few clicks, your prospects and customers can send you all the needed information.  DamageReview.com makes it so easy for everyone! { sign up now or use our contact us form now to set up a demo }


All it takes is just a few clicks and a couple of minutes to complete a request for an estimate on a damaged car.

Whether the damage is paid out-of-pocket, through another party, or through the owner’s own insurance, DamageReview.com is the perfect, simple, and inexpensive solution for getting estimates from an auto body shop’s Web site, increasing leads, and ultimately, increasing sales. This system easily pays for itself, with no referral commission from the estimates and no contract to commit to.  Try it today!  { sign up now or use our contact us form now to set up a demo }


sign up now or use our contact us form now to set up a demo }

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